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F  a  b  r  i  c  a  t  i  o  n    &    M  a  n  u  f  a  c  t  u  r  i  n  g

C  o  n  c  e  p  t    t o    C  o  m  p  l  e  t  i  o  n

Our vast experience, commitment to design excellence, innovative solutions and expertise result in reliable applications and world class project execution.

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Structural Engineering & Design


Specialty Fabrication

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Project Management

Bow Ridge Steel’s comprehensive experience includes partnering with BRT Consulting Ltd. to supply clients with engineering and design solutions for all their engineering needs.

Bow Ridge specializes in a number of areas. We pair our professionals and their skill sets with each project's demands to ensure the best team is supplied for the job.

We provide management and procurement services to successfully manage and ensure project completion is executed as per specifications, on time and on budget.

Welcome to Bow Ridge

Bow Ridge Trailer Manufacturing delivers world class steel fabrication solutions including construction, engineering and design services. We provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions to our clients who build equipment and manage projects that shape the world we live in. From custom fabrication and turnkey projects to structural fabrication and general welding, trust Bow Ridge to deliver results that are built to last.


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