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Custom Welding in Calgary

Do you need reputable custom welding services for your next project in Calgary? At Bow Ridge Steel Fabrication, we offer comprehensive custom welding and fabrication services with the precision and accuracy you need. We have a proven track record for using the highest quality tools and materials, with field-tested experience that always delivers exceptional results.
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Industrial Welding Solutions

We also provide industrial welding services that utilize a variety of different machines and techniques. Some of the common industrial welding solutions we provide include:
Mig Welding
MIG Welding
This is a subtype of gas metal arc welding where an electrical arc forms between the metal that's being welded and the heat source. The heat that's generated causes the metal to melt and fuse with the electrode.

Gas Welding
Gas Welding
Using a mixture of fuel gases and oxygen, gas welding is common for maintenance work, braising soft metals, and metal cutting.

Arc Welding
Arc Welding
This is the most basic industrial welding technique that uses a constant source of direct or alternating current to produce a high-energy weld. Arc welding works well for repair work and fabrication of various steel structures.

Tig Welding
TIG Welding
TIG Stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, and it is a more focused form of industrial welding, typically producing higher quality and stronger welds.

Custom Welding and Fabrication

For many different types of products and projects, custom welding and fabrication is required to create the unique shapes and sizes you need. We provide high-quality custom welding services that will ensure the quality, durability, and reliability of any welded joints and structures.

Our welders are highly trained with real-world, practical experience that is second to none. When you work with us, you can feel confident we will show up ready to get to work with the tools and team members that will get the job done right.

Key components of our high-quality work include:

A Detailed design and engineering process

Material selection based on the project's purpose, environmental conditions, strength requirements, and more

Cutting and shaping to create the desired shapes and sizes

Welding and joining using the appropriate welding techniques for the job

Assembly of the various components

Quality control to ensure the final product meets design specifications and quality standards

Custom Welding and Fabrication

When you work with our team at Bow Ridge Steel Fabrication for your custom welding needs, you can feel confident you'll be getting the highest quality welding services and customer service that's second to none. We make a point of treating all of our customers just like a member of the family, so you can rest easy knowing we have your best interests at heart. Here are some additional benefits of working with our team:
Custom Welding / Steel Fabrication

Family-owned and operated company

In business since 1976

Affiliated with BRT Consulting & BRT Modular, giving you access to the expertise of world-class engineers

COR Certified business

ISN Safety Compliance

Comply Works certified


If you'd like to learn more about what our team at Bow Ridge Steel Fabrication can do for you, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.
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